Paris Round 1

NOTE TO HILARY (and everyone else) Before you chastise me for my lack of pictures on the post, the computer I’m using doesn’t seem to like my Camera so I will upload them EVENTUALLY
ALSO this computer doesn’t seem to like wordpress so I can’t actually SEE what i’m writing, so I apologize if there are typos

Now that clerical issue is over with, Greetings From Paris!
While I’ve only been here for less than 48 hours, I feel like I’ve accomplished so much in this bustling city! But before I get into too much detail about what I’ve gotten up to today, let me recount my travels from Canada to Europe:

Monday afternoon, I got myself and Frank (my backpack) to the greyhound bus terminal just in time to catch my direct bus to the airport in Montreal. After chilling for a few hours in at the Trudeau airport, I squeezed my way into the “cozy” Air Transat seat and promptly fell asleep. Lucky for me, my flight was overnight, so I slept for almost all of the trip.

Arriving in Paris was a pretty easy procedure EXCEPT when I almost walked away with the wrong backpack. Apparently, another traveller on the plane had the same model of backpack as me. I quickly realized that the backpack I was holding wasn’t mine and dropped it back off on the belt and waited for Frank to arrive.

Getting to Paris was a simple train ride into the city and then a quick walk to my hostel. Upon arrival, I dropped of Frank and headed to explore. My hostel, Le Village, is located in Montmatre, the district of Paris home to the Moulin Rouge and the famed catherdral Sacre Couer.

After exploring the district for a bit, I headed back to the hostel to check out my room. Upon opening the door to my room, I met two delightful Australian girls from Adelaide. Kate and Kirra have been living in the UK working ata pub near London. After we introduced ourselves we became quick friends and went out to explore more of Montmatre.

Our evening was spent drinking wine, swapping stories and quoting from our mutual favourite show, Summer Heights High. The next morning was a bit of an early one as we all had planned to go on a walking tour of Paris. The tour was lots of fun and we ended up seeing lots of the popular sites here in Paris and learning some interesting facts.

Not to Hilary: Definitely check out the walking tour whwen you get here!

And that’s about it! Tomorrow I’m hoping to check some other sites here in Paris, but my time in this city is almost done! I depart early Friday morning for Istanbul and I’m not lying when I say I’m SUPER excited!!


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  1. Hahaha I feel like everyone we met in Europe’s favourite TV show was Summer Heights High! Glad you’re safe and having fun! 🙂

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