Saturday night: Our final pre-departure meeting (aka crepe-mania!)

Well, the time is finally here for Gord and I to start up our travel blog.

With Gord leaving for Turkey today and me leaving not too long after (July 28!), we figured it was about time for us to get our butts in gear. With this in mind, we met Saturday night for our final meeting before our month-long adventure begins.

Gord modelling one of his packing necessities: his striped bowtie

To celebrate the near-beginning of a journey that will be full of delicious food and good company, it seemed appropriate that we do something equally as gluttonous to mark our last Canadian hangout.

Therefore, it was logical that our evening involved crepes, and lots of them.

Your two travel bloggers: Gord and Hilary (extremely happy and hungry)

Our dinner-dessert combo was provided by Pure Gelato, a short walk down the street from Gord’s apartment.  I took the walk as an opportunity to practice some key French phrases with Gord:

-“Je veux 20 macarons svp.”
– “Combien coûte le croissant de chocolat?”
– “Est-ce que je peux acheter un billet de métro svp?”

I think as long as I know those three, I will be just fine in Paris.

At the restaurant, we spoiled ourselves silly. We got crepes of the savoury variety (ham and cheese for me; ham, cheese and tomato for Gord, both topped with chives and béarnaise sauce) and crepes of the sweet variety (a shared chocolate, banana and strawberry one).  Gord even ate the whipped cream, despite his intolerance to lactose (he’s a Hufflepuff!) – what a champ.

Best meal ever.

One crucial decision was made during our crepe outing, and that had to do with the official hashtag for our travels.  We decided on #ghabroad.  Short, sweet, not the bearer of any terrible hidden meaning.  Lets make this topic trend, kids.

Gord tweeting, using our official hashtag, obviously

Back at Gord’s apartment, we made some final accommodation plans.  This amazing site, Airbnb hooked us up with loads of accommodations.  Basically the site is a database where travellers can search for places to stay around the world.  The locations you stay in are not hostels or hotels, but rather rented rooms in people’s homes or apartments. The majority of the time, these places are cheaper than hostels, and offer Internet, real beds, gorgeous rooms and access to washers and dryers.  The place we want to rent in Amsterdam even offers free bikes. Heaven. Stay tuned over the next few weeks to witness our decadent European living accommodations on a student budget. Many IKEA-esque photos will be taken.

Anyways, that’s all for me.  The next time I see Gord, we will be half across the world, basking on a beach in Santorini.

What’s next for me? A packing adventure. Stay tuned for the chaos, forgetfulness and anxiety of packing my life into a no-more-than 22 kilo bag.

Paris, I’ll be seeing you soon enough.


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  1. Ah! I am so excited (which is odd, because I’m not even going..)! I am telling everyone about the blog so expect quite a bit of traffic from Carleton peeps (especially during work lulls).

    Have an amazing time guys!

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